Our community consists of seven members, 4 core members and 3 assistants.

At M’thunzi, people with and without disabilities share life, work and learn together, creating communities of friendship and belonging.

The three assistants, two women and one man, are provided with full board and toiletries. They also receive monthly allowances. The assistants have developed an on-call schedule. The on-call attendant wakes up earlier than the others to prepare hot water for bathing. There is no geyser and sometimes no electricity, so they heat the water on a charcoal cooker.

Once everyone has bathed, it is time for breakfast. After breakfast, all members pray together. Then there are activities: cleaning, gardening, play time, activities and watching cartoons. Lunch is followed by a nap. Afternoons are a variation of mornings. Then it is dinner, prayers and bedtime.