Our mission

We celebrate the unique value of each person and recognize each other's needs

M’thunzi’s vision

Enabling people living with and without intellectual disabilities to share life in a home where community members celebrate the unique value of each person and recognise each other’s needs. Mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of our journey together.

M’thunzi’s mission:

  • Making known the gifts of people living with intellectual disabilities as revealed through mutually transformative relationships.
  • Fostering an environment in the community that responds to the changing needs of its members while being true to the core values of L’Arche’s founding story.
  • Engaging with our diverse cultures, working together for a more humane society

M’thunzi’s aim

M’thunzi’s aim is to enable people living with intellectual disabilities to discover their own gifts and their place in society. These people, especially in developing countries, are ‘poor’ in the sense that they are actually left on the sidelines. They are not considered to have value. M’thunzi’s aim, therefore, is to affirm their value and reveal to society that it is failing to honour some of its members.

M’thunzi’s goal

Our long-term goal is to establish homes not only in Lusaka, but also in other cities throughout Zambia. The main idea is to create a family environment where people with intellectual disabilities feel that this is ‘our’ home, that we belong here and are accepted. This gives them a sense of confidence and that they have something to offer.