We celebrate the unique value of each person and recognize each other's needs

Bonum est diffusivum sui

[Goodness tends to spread]

– St. Thomas Aquinas

The year 2019 started on an exceptionally good note. On 11th January 2019, we received a huge donation, (Euro 5000), equivalent in our local currency to ZMW74,000 at the time, from a UK donor. This donation helped us renovate the house.

Since 21st October 2019, we welcomed the core members in the new house, we have been extra cautious in order that the basic needs are met. Regrettably, currently, we do not have regular donors, nor do we have our own sustainable, large-scale, income-generating projects. The income from the cottage activities such as knitting, and crocheting is a drop in the ocean.

From about July 2021, the main house had a major facelift. All the twelve broken doors were replaced by more durable Mukwa doors, complete with new padlocks. The floors in the whole house and walls in the bathrooms, toilets, and kitchen have been tiled. The remaining walls have been painted, giving the house a bright outlook.

Around Christmas time 2021, we sold 300 chickens, our first batch. The chicken-rearing project has been put in place as a source of income.

We now have our own water supply. The headaches of having an erratic water supply from the local utility company are over. A borehole was drilled and a 5,000-litre tank was erected.

We take pleasure in small tasks we have taken such as having our own post office box number, and telephone number and now we have embarked on having a website.

We would like to welcome new members, but for the time being it is not yet possible. We are struggling with the current project and building a circle of friends who will support us. We do everything for the core members. The Mthunzi House is their home and they have nowhere to go back.

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